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Here's everything that you need to know about CBD edibles

Here's everything that you need to know about CBD edibles

Everyone knows about Marijuana and its popular compound, THC. This molecule is responsible for the psychoactive effect of getting high. What people might not know is that THC has a younger brother: Cannabidiol. It is also known as CBD, and it is another important cannabinoid. The Cannabis Sativa plant comes in two important species. Marijuana has high levels of THC and low levels of CBD. Hemp, on the other hand, has low levels of THC, and high levels of CBD isolate. This is why hemp CBD is increasing its popularity, especially in the UK where it's legal to sell CBD edibles, creams, and other sorts of CBD infused products.

A big difference between these two compounds is that the Cannabidiol does not have the effects THC has. After consuming it in the form of CBD edibles like CBD gummy bears, CBD chocolates, CBD coffee or other CBD drinks, you don't get high, and your perception is not altered in any way. Following consumption, positive effects on sleep (1), inflammation (2), and anxiety (3) can be observed.

In the past years, the use of CBD grew in popularity, and the demand for different methods of CBD products administration arose. People are rubbing CBD sprays or creams onto aching joints all over the UK, dropping CBD tinctures under tired tongues, popping CBD fruit jellies, and puffing on CBD vape kits in hopes of chilling out. One of the most popular methods of consuming this cannabinoid is through edibles.

Choosing the right CBD edibles

A big difference between the various methods of administration of CBD is the duration of the effect as they work within a broad spectrum. Using a vape pen, for example, will make you experience the effects in a matter of minutes, but they will fade away in a couple of hours. Those suffering from muscle pain may consider buying CBD topicals like CBD gel, CBD massage oil or CBD creams (more on the subject of CBD skincare in a separate article coming soon). If you want to experience the hemp CBD effects for a longer period, CBD edibles should be your go-to choice. You will start feeling their effects after approximately half an hour, but they can also last for more than four hours.

There are hundreds of CBD companies, selling their products infused with CBD. The most important question is, how do you choose the right CBD edibles for you?

First and foremost, you should pay attention to the labels when you buy CBD. Choosing CBD products that have been tested by a third party who can confirm the label's accuracy and applied nutrition details should be the first step you take when making a selection. The UK's Centre for Medical Cannabis released a report in 2019 revealing that out of 30 tested CBD products, 38% had less than half of the advertised CBD content. One had no CBD at all, and almost half contained illegal levels of THC. If you cannot find ingredients information for your CBD products, make sure you check the company's website for more details (you can find ingredients for all Cannapharma products under Full description tab on every product page).

Our favourite CBD edibles

  1. Fruit flavoured jellies
  2. Olive oil
  3. CBD infused vitamins and immune boosters


CBD edibles


Fruit Jellies

Also known as gummies or gummy bears, fruit jellies are the most popular options for users who want to have CBD available at all times. CBD fruit jellies or CBD gummies come in compact packages that fit every bag. They are discreet, practical, and delicious and also include a vegan CBD option. The concentration of CBD varies from 5 to 50 mg per serving. If you have a sweet tooth situation going on as we do, fruit flavoured jellies are the perfect fit.


Olive oil

If there's something that's should never be missing from my kitchen apart from CBD cookies, of course, that's CBD infused olive oil often called MCT oil. Having the possibility to use CBD freely in your kitchen is amazing. Whenever you discover a delicious recipe you want to try out, you can add the fantastic benefits of CBD to it. Versatility is the biggest quality of CBD oils. You can use the oil for healthy salads or frying, and the effect will stay the same. Dosing is usually easy because most infused olive oils have around 1 mg of CBD dosage per millilitre. This product should be your choice if you're looking to turn a healthy salad into an even healthier one!


CBD infused vitamins and immune boosters

In our bodies, the Cannabidiol interacts on two fronts. On the one hand, it helps with sleep and appetite, and on the other one, it activates the immune system. So CBD isolate is a very effective immune system booster.

Immuno-boosters and vitamins are very practical, especially when infused with CBD. Most of them usually pack a high concentration of Cannabidiol. That makes dosing CBD products easy because you know exactly what quantity you consume every time. Most people will feel the desired effect after taking one pill. Combining CBD with multivitamins that are meant to improve your daily diet will give you the ultimate supplements. And CBD capsules are very easy to take on a daily basis.

If you're interested in the effect of taking CBD and you don't care about eating gummy bears, infused chocolate, CBD honey or CBD cookies an immuno-booster should be your pick.

Does CBD really do anything?

CBD products in the form of CBD edibles and topicals are everywhere. But do they work, you may want to ask? The answer to that has a broad spectrum and depends on who you ask. We might be a little bias when it comes to CBD infused products - we know, what a shocker! But we wouldn't be going to such extent as to build a factory in the UK and have our products tested by a third-party to ensure the highest quality of our CBD products if we didn't believe in their power. There are hundreds of studies that have shown benefits of CBD - we have listed some of them below. When you read that taking CBD is likely a good choice for some conditions, but there is a lack of evidence for others, it often means that further clinical studies are required.

CBD has been used to treat a wide variety of health issues. Until now, the strongest scientific evidence, including results from clinical studies, is for its effectiveness in treating epilepsy symptoms in Dravet syndrome and Lennox-Gastaut syndrome (LGS). According to some studies (4), CBD was able to reduce or stop the number of seizures. Recently the American FDA approved the first-ever medicine comprised of CBD called Epidiolex.

Which CBD edibles are right for me?

CBD isolate is an amazing compound of the Cannabis Sativa plant. It helps users that are looking for natural relaxation or suffering with chronic pain (5), anxiety, and insomnia. Unlike its brother, the THC, it does not get you high or alter your perception in any way.

An important aspect when choosing the right CBD products is deciding what type of effect you are looking for. CBD edibles offer a longer effect, but it usually takes more time for you to feel it after consumption. Other methods like CBD vaping pens offer a shorter effect that you feel much faster. Sometimes you might be looking for overall 'feel good' effect when using CBD products (i.e. vape kits and CDB edibles), and oftentimes you need CBD creams or CBD balms to treat the specific area on your body. It's all about personal preference here.

Although CBD chews have been growing in popularity and availability, consumers should still pay attention to the products they purchase. Reading the label and double-checking the information on it should be the first step when buying CBD edibles.

Our choices when it comes to Cannabidiol-infused edibles are CBD fruit jellies, CBD infused MCT oil and immune-booster multivitamins. Each one is different and requires different CBD dosage, but in the hands of an informed consumer, they can provide natural relaxation, improve health and well-being. When you buy CBD edibles, keep those benefits of CBD listed above in mind.


CBD studies - Sources

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