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10 reasons why CBD can improve your workout | CBD gel, creams

10 reasons why CBD can improve your workout | CBD gel, creams

CBD (or Cannabidiol, to give its full name) is a non-psychoactive component of the cannabis plant, a hemp extract. There has been plenty of studies to suggest it has a positive impact for those who suffer with illnesses such as arthritis, MS, chronic pain, depression, and other neurological disorders.

This has led to CBD's properties attracting a lot of attention, and debate, in the fitness world and whether it can help with women's health and men's health in United Kingdom.

In this blog post, we are going to examine the studies and medical news that provide an explanation of why CBD products like CBD gel or CBD creams or balms can improve your workout performance.

1. CBD Reduces Muscle Pain After Workouts

"No pain, no gain" is a popular motto within the sports and fitness community. It is born from an understanding that, by training hard, we push our bodies to their limits. Then tomorrow comes, and we need to go again.

Muscle soreness or joint pains are an occupational hazard for many, but there are plenty of studies to show CBD potency can improve your workout performance by reducing any muscle pain you may experience, thus allowing you to push on the following day.

A 2015 study explains how CBD isolate spikes our anandamide levels, a chemical used to regulate pain in our body. This is especially interesting for those who feel a slight muscle strain during training, perhaps caused by lifting more weights, running harder or performing an exercise like lunges for the first time in a while. Reducing the muscle pain using CBD muscle repair balm or cream, many feel will allow us to push on with renewed vigour the following day.

2. CBD Reduces Stress Hormones Like Cortisol

At some point in our lives, we all suffer from a stressful period. However, sustained periods of stress are not good for our mental or physical health. Hitting the gym might sound like a good idea, but if we feel stressed, our muscles will remain tense, our energy levels will be lower, and the motivation to push through will diminish.

Cortisol is the stress-inducing hormone within our body. Luckily, several studies have shown CBD isolate can reduce our stress hormones, essentially telling our bodies to 'chillax'! The Brazilian Journal of Medical and Biological Research reported on this as early as 1993, and a 2020 study in Psychopharmacology, Official Journal of the European Behavioural Pharmacology Society, provided a further body of evidence. A dose of CBD could help improve your workout performance even during those stressful moment's life throws our way. In other words cannabidiol CBD (not to be mistaken with canabidol CBD) derived from Cannabis Sativa or hemp plant to be more specific is a great sports nutrition.

3. CBD Enhances Blood Flow – Helping Us to Train Harder

A 2015 study provided evidence to demonstrate CBD is a vasorelaxant. This reduces tension within the veins and arteries, allowing the blood to flow more freely across our body. A dose of CBD enhances the blood flow, increasing the oxygen we can feed to our muscles, reducing our muscle fatigue, and in turn providing us with the energy to improve our workout performance.

4. CBD Calms Nerves Ahead of Gameday

Top athletes and sports professionals understand a little dose of stress is good for them and their mental health. It increases their focus, raises the motivation levels, and can act as a reassurance that they are 'in the zone' ahead of gameday.

However, too much stress, causing anxiety (nerves, butterflies etc.), can have a debilitating effect on your performance. The mind begins to focus on negative rather than positive outcomes and your mental health suffers. A 2013 study may put your mind to rest by describing how CBD can stimulate a chemical reaction to calm those stomach-churning nerves. By turning that negative energy into a positive one, you will step out of the changing room solely focussed on delivering that MVP performance.

5. CBD'S Anti-Inflammatory Benefits

There is plenty of evidence to suggest CBD has anti-inflammatory benefits, which are helpful for athletes and gymgoers after a workout. This 2020 study, for example, discusses how CBD interferes with the body's endocannabinoid receptors to reduce inflammation, while a 2009 study showed CBD could reduce an acute inflammation, often caused as a reaction to an injury (of course, if you are injured, you should rest and recuperate!).

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6. CBD Helps with Faster Muscle Recovery

Leading on from CBD's anti-inflammatory benefits takes us to muscle recovery. We covered muscle soreness right at the top, so it is important not to confuse this with muscle recovery. Our body needs to repair the muscle tissues we have damaged during our workouts to stimulate muscle growth. Cannapharma Muscle Repair Gel infused with DMSO to speeds up the absorption of the product into your blood has been designed as a post-workout recovery gel and is an excellent CBD product.

The more we push our muscles, the stronger we become. However, the recovery phase is slowed by muscle inflammation. Therefore, by reducing the inflammation with CBD gel, for example, we can speed up the muscle recovery phase, ready to take our workout performance to the next level.

7. CBD Might Be Better Than Counting Sheep to Fall Asleep

The introduction of science at the elite professional sports level has championed the impact quality sleep has on an athlete's recovery. No wonder many professional clubs whisk their players away to pre-season camp to ensure the right levels of rest and recuperation are delivered after a gruelling session.

A 2019 study examined the impact of CBD and sleep on the participants, with a 25mg dose helping to reduce anxiety, a condition that often affects our ability to settle down at night.

When we sleep, the body produces testosterone and insulin growth factor, which repair and build muscle fibres. But for those who workout late or struggle to get to sleep, CBD could provide a route to the quality sleep needed to maintain peak performance.

8. CBD Can Suppress Appetite

A tough workout will leave our muscles craving proteins and carbs to refuel. Those cravings can lead us to overeat at the wrong time, leading to bloating, weight gain and sluggish performance. CBD, however, can suppress your appetite, especially useful for those of us who have a sweet tooth.

This 2018 study explains how CBD suppresses the hormones that increase our appetite, so all you need to do is keep that diet clean!

9. CBD Can Help with Weight Management

Regular gymgoers and athletes will understand the importance of a clean diet alongside their workout programme. After all, "Abs are made in the kitchen, not in the gym" is a popular social media meme.

There is a role, however, for CBD to play with weight loss. A 2018 research study explains how CBD can boost our metabolism, by breaking down the fat cells in our body.

We have white fat cells and brown fat cells in our body, and it's the brown cells that our body uses for energy. However, CBD has been shown to turn white cells into brown cells, which means our body will have more fat to burn while working out. This can only help shed the pounds ahead of weight day.

10. Even the big players are looking at CBD quality product for pain management

In February 2021, the NFL (The National Football League from USA) and NFL Players Association have requested medically reviewed information about alternatives to opioids, including CBD, for pain management.

The league and the union asked researchers with experience conducting controlled, experimental studies to submit the product information about remedies that have the potential to replace opioids in routine pain management. "Medications may include, but are not limited to, cannabinoids such as cannabidiol CBD.”

Conclusion about CBD gel, oils, creams for fitness

So, there you have it – 9 reasons why CBD can improve your workout performance. The studies we have found suggest CBD can reduce muscle fatigue and soreness, help improve the sleep we receive, manage diet and our stress levels too. Check out our other posts for additional information and product details for CBD oils, CBD gummies or fruit jellies as a food supplement. If you want to buy CBD capsules, CBD gel capsule, CBD geltabs, or CBD softgels, we don't have them available online yet, but we have plenty of other CBD product availability, so head on to our shop to buy CBD products of the highest quality.